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Nanna Wagner


Nanna is a nomadic yoga teacher who has had the great fortune to travel and teach around Europe and in Bali.

Her teaching style is one of investigation with a great curiosity towards body-awareness, sensitivity and subtle-body movement. She invites people to approach practice with a sense of wonder and a loving presence.

Aiming to bring about a meditative-awareness while moving, seeking to find balance and harmony, so that the practice of yoga will be nourishing and supportive for everyday life.

Nanna is one of the co-founders of European Yogi Nomads, and active in the project till end 2014. She still finds a great joy in creating events and projects evolving around yoga.

​She has countless hours of teaching experience and enjoys sharing her love for Yoga in classes, workshops and retreats …

​Nanna has been one of the faculty teachers on high vibe yoga’s teacher trainings in 2015 and January 2017.