Julia Ebbens


After suffering from a range of health conditions growing up including IBS, endometriosis, and anxiety, I became increasingly disillusioned with the offerings of well-meaning doctors, in the form of pills and surgical interventions.

During my studies in Law I became increasingly interested in the ability of nutrition and lifestyle to treat and even reverse many chronic conditions. My love of food was enhanced with the knowledge of the medicinal benefits, and after completing my legal studies I took a complete 180 degree turn into studying Nutrition. My thirst for knowledge in this area was not satisfied however, so after working as a Nutritionist for a national cancer charity in the UK, as well as running my own private practice, I continued my education further to undertake a MSc in Nutritional Medicine, where I obtained Distinctions. It was here I delved deep into a wealth of literature and learned the ability to distinguish fact from fiction, a minefield in the world of nutrition. Since living in Copenhagen, I write Nutrition and Science articles for a microbiome company and in addition to seeing Nutrition clients, teach yoga part time.

How can I help?

I can offer you evidence based practical application of the latest Nutritional advice in a personalised way which you can easily implement into your life. During the consultation I will review a pre-prepared food diary and details of your medical history as well as current health goals you hold. We will then discuss a treatment based on dietary changes, and supplementation when evidence indicates a benefit. I will support you throughout your dietary changes, via ongoing email contact, and we then proceed to troubleshoot and make any necessary alterations during your follow up.

Conditions I have worked with include: gut dysbiosis, IBS, IBD, weight loss, cognitive health, stress/anxiety, allergies, women’s health conditions, fertility, pregnancy,  sports and exercise performance, healthy aging, chronic disease, health optimisation and many more…

"I would love to show you that there is a way forward with your health..."

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