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Istvan Hornyak

Om mig

Hi, I am Istvan Hornyak. Here you can read about my professional story.

Just like many of the therapists I started to seek solutions at a young age because I had problems with my body.

Although I engaged in sports, during the 17 years I spent sitting at my desk in school – I took competitive swimming, athletics and football ­my knee, back and neck still kept hurting…

I visited doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors desiring only for someone to examine my body and tell me what does not work, and how I can improve it. Sometimes they offered me pills, laying or sports. However, nothing seemed to help in the long run.

Thus, during my college studies I started to learn therapeutic massage and when I attained my diploma I got a job at the rehabilitation department of a hospital. Then I studied Shiatsu, ayurvedic massage, and I was majoring in Natural Healing at the department of Zona Therapy. I went to study in India and also became a Thai­Yoga masseur. Meanwhile I attended chiropractic workshops and visited every master from whom you can learn about the human body, soul, energy­system and the connection of these. These all proved to be beneficial, increased my knowledge and widened my perception, thus they did not only help me but my clients as well (The number of whom is beyond thousands).

However, I did not feel like any of these healing methods were effective enough to stop me from studying. The weakness of these methods is that their effect is gone from time to time and you have to attend more and more treatments.

I wanted a method which keeps me and my clients healthy in the long run.

This is how I found BodySculpting, which finally answered my questions. It is the most effective, approach ­changing, holistic method which is based on the most comprehensive anatomical knowledge and which can induce lasting effect.

As a relevant supplement to my work I am studying to become an Osteopath, and are also active in the Osteopath organisation in Hungary

As an expert and (ex) fellow sufferer I know that it can answer your questions and problems as well.