A Cacao ceremony is a gentle, meditative inner journey that connects us back in with our selves through our heart centre, to take us out of the realm of the mind and align us with the heart.

Sound and Cacao work hand in hand to deepen your awareness, intuition and connection to the subconscious realms. Cacao amplifies the effect from the gong and vice versa, and work really beautifully together.

We will begin with a guided meditation to ground and connect with Cacao, followed by setting our intentions for the session. When we state our intention a strong message is sent out to our subconscious mind which will help us in achieving our goal. Then we will drink the Cacao and experience its warmth and presence in the body.

You will then lie down and be bathed in relaxing, therapeutic vibrations from the gong and other instruments as the cacao does its healing work and you take an inner voyage with the gong as your guide.

What to bring?
Please bring your yoga mat, a blanket, extra sock or sweater to keep warm as you relax, and water to hydrate after the session. Feel free to bring a journal to write down any insights or anything that may come up for you.

What you may experience:
– A heart opening
– Deep relaxation
– A connection to your inner voice
– An emotional release
– A sense of peace and well-being
– A heightening of your senses
– Gentle visions and guidance
– Clarity and stillness

How to prepare for the ceremony:
– Drinking or eating Cacao during a ceremony can be pretty filling, and digestion will stimulate the nervous system. Come with an empty or light stomach, so as to give yourself and Cacao the best chance to connect with each other.
– It is great to have exercised or stretched during the day of the ceremony, so as to open the body to energy flow.

Extra indications:
– The serving will be around 30 g per person. It will be a possible to ingest less if desired.
– If you are under anti – depressant prescription or have heart condition we recommend you research compatibility with your medication before participation.
– If you are pregnant we recommend you ingest a smaller dose, except if you already have experience with cacao during pregnancy.
– There will be some time after the ceremony to informally share experiences or ask questions, while a little bit of food will be available to ground.

We look forward to sharing light, love, and healing with you.

Cacao is gentle and heart healing and can help bring clarity when you are feeling unclear, focus when you are feeling scattered and create flow where we are stagnated and stuck.

Cacao can help us shifting from the head into the heart where we can navigate with feelings instead of thoughts.

The Gong:
The sound of the Gong helps us creating a deep sense of relaxation and peace. When used in Savasana or meditation, the vibration and sound of the gong help facilitate a deeper state of consciousness, releasing blockage, reducing tensions and stimulating circulation.

Sound healing sessions are referred to as “gong baths” due to the sensation of vibrational waves flowing over and through the body and are an effective way to experience a level of meditation and calm.

Practical information

Dates: Friday the 13th of November, 2020
Time: 17:00-20:00
Price: 300 DKK