Two ceremonial workshops for connecting, activating and opening body, mind and soul. Each workshops will be a journey through the 7 energy centers of the body also called chakras focusing on either the lower or upper chakras.

1. Root – Foundation – Trust
2. Sacral – Sexuality – Creativity
3. Solar Plexus – Identity – Purpose
4. Heart – Seat of the Soul – Love
5. Throat – Truth – Self expression
6. Third Eye – Intuition – Vision
7. Crown – Divinity – Oneness

The melody of the workshops

We will start with a sharing circle to set the intention for the workshop and to connect with the space and each other.
The melody of the workshop begins meditative and grounding with breath work and soft opening movements to awaking the spine and waters in the body.
We continue unto a standing sequence where the body opens up even further by moving and activating the joints throughout the whole body. Moving from a more grounded state, the energy rises as we work through the joints from feet to crown. As the energy lifts and the body becomes more open we move into the heat-building dance element. Through the dance we can open up to subconscious part of ourselves as we start liberating blockages in the body and begin feeling more free.
We then gather and ground the energy again with movements from yoga and pilates to stabilize and center ourselves before ending with a soft and healing savasana. We end in circle again and round off the day together.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the heart holds connection between Earth and Sky in our bodies. The two workshops aims to activate and connect the heart to the lower and upper regions of the body from feet to crown.

We will work through mental, physical and emotional themes by activating and opening up the body. You will be taken on a journey from a grounded state, to a high intensity space and then back to calm and stillness in order to identify, move and release stagnation or blockages within the body, mind and soul.

We will create a space for you to connect to your inner core and for you to express yourself freely, so that you may experience more freedom, joy, play light, flow and inner peace from inside out – a feeling of coming home in the body and having fun while doing it.

Workshop 1: EARTH

The first workshop will be concentrated around the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras where the themes are safety, resilience, creativity, sensuality, identity and self love.

  • We will work on foundation and creating safety in the body by grounding.
  • We focus on the lower areas of the body, activating feet, legs, butt, stomach.
  • We will tap into the energy of the Earth and the earth rhythm that already moves through us.

It,’s all about feeling your own POWER HOUSE of a body!

Workshop 2: SKY

The second workshop will be focusing on the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras where the themes are self-love, self-expression, intuition and oneness.

  • We will work on lifting the heart energy from a grounded and safe place, into a more authentic and free expression.
  • We focus on the upper areas of the body, activating chest, neck, head, back, shoulders, arms and hands.
  • We will work with connecting our hearts to the sky and universe through play, visualization and energy work.

It,’s all about letting your inner light SHINE out into the world!

The Living Yolates method and philosophy

The Living Yolates method is a mix of four styles of movement that blend and flow together to create a holistic, comprehensive, and full-body experience. All are influenced by the pillars of Living Yolates: yoga, pilates, dance, mental awareness, and energy work.

Practical information

Dates: 7th + 28th of October 2023
Time: 10:00-13:00 (both workshops)
Price: DKK 325,- /DKK 575,- (both workshops)

Both workshops
7th of October
28th of October