Slow down for a deeper connection with yourself

November is a special time of the year. Autumn is in its full expression with all its beautiful colours, the days keep getting shorter and colder, and we are beginning the magical process of looking inwards – a quality that we have learnt to carry out better by now after a surreal year.

Receive the support of this practice, feel absolutely present, and slow down as the natural result of transitioning into the darkest months of the year.

Relax with this meditative practice, finding that moment just for you without feeling guilty, because if you don’t take the time to relax no one will do it for you. Feel present to connect to your inner safe space. Find nourishment in slowing down.

This practice serves as an indispensable tool to keep our bodies and minds aligned. Find the capacity to cherish your body with this Restorative Practice which will end with an hour of warmth as we will have tea and delicious homemade ‘with love’ scones, jam and homemade (same love) clotted cream enjoyed in our very own NOR: cafe.

Everyone is welcome even if you have never done yoga before or if you are an advanced practitioner.

What will we be doing?
We will be holding different very comfortable poses with the help of many props, such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, to enter into the state of relaxation, followed by a sequence that will unwind and give yourself the time to soak into this practice.

After the Yoga practice you will be served afternoon tea and scones with jam/clotted cream.

What do I need to bring?
Warm and very comfortable clothes, warm socks, your favourite blanket or scarf (optional), eye pillow, we do have plenty of props (blocks, cushions and blankets) but it’s always a good option to bring extra blankets with you. You know yourself better than anyone so make sure you bring anything you might think will help you relax more.

About Constanza:
Constanza has been practising and teaching Restorative for over a decade. She has a steady daily Restorative practice and she really believes in the benefits of this type of yoga. She will help you go through the practice at all times, she will be supporting, and giving you the space to recover.

Practical information

Date: Sunday the 15th of November, 2020
Time: 13:00-15:30
Price: 350 DKK