Our goal with this weekend course is to bring traditional Yoga culture into western lifestyle and share the joy and the wisdom of it’s practice.
By the end of this journey, the students will be inspired about:

  • History of Yoga and Vedas.
  • How to cook a meal and chai.
  • How to do a Hatha practice.
  • The basic dance moves.

Schedule will slightly change on Sunday.
Different topics and practices will be taught on both days.

8.30: Students reception
9.00-11.00: Kriyas, asanas and Meditation
11.00-11.30: Traditional indian chant
11.30-13.30: Cooking & talking about food
13.30-15.30: Lunch time and a little nap
15.30-16.30: Culture of south india
.30-16.45: Chai tea break
16.45-18.15: Traditional indian dance
18.15-18.45: Closing meditation

In this unique and colourful workshop, we want to celebrate life from the Old Indian tradition perspective.You will have the chance to learn, experience and share with others the joy of traditional food, dance, culture, and history of South India.
We will practice Yoga Asanas, of course, but we will also learn how to do Kriyas, how to chant and how to learn to meditate. Furthermore, you will learn how to cook a typical dish, eat it with your hands and to make home chai . To complete all this, you will also perform a few steps of the traditional Indian dance.

Be ready to solve your doubts about Yoga and India with a few of the top experts in the topics. An academic from London University, an Engineer from France, and a Yogi from Kerala, will be your guides and hosts during this beautiful day.

Your teachers
Master Baburaj is a Yogi from Kerala, South India. He has dedicated his life to devotion and to share the essence of Traditional Hatha Yoga with people from all over the World. After living in India, Thailand and Russia, he now lives in France, where he runs his own Yoga TTC’s for the last 4 years.

Besides being a robotic engineer, this half French half Laos woman is an amazing body worker and her passion for martial arts, Yoga and traditional Indian dance, made her change her corporate lifestyle to make her dream come true. To help other people to connect with themselves, move freely and express their feelings through dance.

Fernando Diaz
Fernando is one of our teachers and therapists at NOR:. He has organized this inmersive experience into the Indian tradition. He lived in India for two years and he wants to share with everyone else, a little bit of what he experienced and the people he met there.

Matthew Clark
Matthew is a world known academical from London Univ. Phylosopher, writer, musician and yogi, this gentleman has a MA in Indian Religions and a PhD in Daśanāmī-Saṃnyāsīs (certain kind of yogis). Besides his stunning background and experience, he is an story tealer and you will not be able to miss a word of what he will sahre with us.

Practical information

Dates: 17th and 18th of September, 2022
Time: 08:30-18:45
Price: DKK 750,- (1 day)
Price: DKK 1300,- (2 days)

17th. of September
18th. of September
17th. + 18th. of September