We will begin the evening with 90 minutes Kundalini Shakti Yoga and meditation, with the focus on refreshing the nervous system, gently dissolving stagnations and tap into the body’s natural self-healing capacities. That will prepare us to receive and bathe in the sound and nourishing vibrations of the Gong and other sacred instruments. This is a joyful, safe yet strong practice, all are welcome.

There is a lot of change happening in the world these times, and it is easy to fall into various states of overwhelm or fear. When we are afraid, we have a tendency to not “flow” with things, but suppress our intuition/gut feeling, isolate, overthink, worry, defend etc. This evening is an invitation to nourish and trust our own inner capacities, and from a conscious place be in a co-creative flow with life and who we are in it.

When we are connected to a healthy center, and when our inner compass is directed towards balance, wisdom, understanding, purpose etc. We strengthen that connection, and open space for a harmonious natural flow to unfold. These times call for rooted calm kind wise dynamic actions, and a remembrance that life in its diversity is beautiful and abundant, and we are co-creative actor’s in it. May we remember, receive, relax, and unwind and let the flow of life guide us on.

With love,
Ylenia & Stinna

Stinna Shaktiva:
She is a strong and diverse yoga teacher, with a movement background in Contemporary Dance and Rolfing Structural Integration. She found Kundalini Yoga during one of her many dance journeys to Los Angeles in 2012, and immediately feel in love with the profound and powerful method of the practice. She has been teaching movement for more than 20 years, and teaches Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Dance, Kundalini and Meditation and continues to study, educate and deepen her practice with master teachers in Europe, USA and India.
She loves to see people ignite their own light and discover grater capacities and potentials within.

Ylenia Fiorini:
When the Gong found Ylenia it was love at first “stroke”. She plays from her soul and the Gong is for Ylenia an extension of her heart. She has done Gong Master Trainings with Aidan Mclntyre and continues to study, explore and grow her practice, finding new instruments that can add uniqueness to her beautiful work. She is a gifted Reiki healer, massage therapist and mother. She loves to witness people leave the room with a smile and with a lighter heart.

Practical information

Dates: Friday the 25th of September 2020
Time: 18:00-21:00
Price: 350 DKK