The intention for this evening and night is to discharge and clear layers from the past that no longer serves us and open up for genuine support and guidance from the soul.
Whatever we subconsciously or consciously carry around, it might be fear, disease, memories, traumas, karmas or rigid beliefs, may block our natural flow through life.
When we respectfully and kindly clear and clean up past experiences, we simultaneously open up for inspiration, healing, renewed energy and other beautiful things that fall into the vast space of Grace.

We work with the energy we generate through yoga, the full moon, from the gong and other sacred instruments. All with the purpose of shining light on what needs to be seen, received, released, embraced and transformed, all with love and respect for our individual journey.

Our Flow
We will begin the evening opening up the body with a gentle kundalini yoga practice and tune in to the intention for the night. Preparing to receive the healing sound waves to wash smoothly through the whole body.

Then there will be a short break to set up the ‘sleeping nests’ for the all-night Gong Puja, and the sacred sound waves will continue until the morning.

As the powerful sound currents and vibrations wash through the body and being, they may induce and invoke deep relaxation, altered states of consciousness and help release tension and blocks, leaving the mind and body fresh and clear in the morning.

Around 5:30am the gongs will go silent for 30 minutes of stillness and reflection and deep rest. Around 6.00 we will do a gentle wake up practice with short soft movements and chant “the morning call” also knows as “long ek on kars”. This mantra meditation gently awakens the life energy, initiating the relationship between the soul and the universal soul, and it works to balances all of the chakras in a very natural harmonious way. We may sit in silence for a little while to let it all integrate and land as the sun arise over the rooftops – and then it is time for breakfast.

20.30: Doors open
21.00: Welcome
21.15: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
22.00-22.30: Set up ‘sleeping nests’ and Intentions for the night
22.30-5.30 am: All-night Gong Puja
5.30 am: Silence/Sleep/Journaling
6.00 am: Meditation & Mantras to rise & shine
7.00 am: Breakfast & Sharing

What to bring
Comfortable clothing, pillows, sleeping bag, mattress or any other items that will help you stay comfortable and warm as you will be sleeping on the floor. Maybe a journal to write in, small items that you would like to be charged with good vibrations, and snacks for the night if you need it.

Your hosts
Stinna Shaktiva: Stinna is a strong and diverse yoga teacher, with a movement background in Contemporary Dance and Rolfing Structural Integration. She found Kundalini Yoga during one of her many dance journeys to Los Angeles in 2012, and immediately feel in love with the profound and powerful method of the practice. She has been teaching movement for more than 20 years, and teaches Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Dance, Kundalini and Meditation and continues to study, educate and deepen her practice with master teachers in Europe, USA and India.
She loves to see people ignite their own light and discover grater capacities and potentials within. 

Ylenia Fiorini: When the Gong found Ylenia it was love at first “stroke”. She plays from her soul and the Gong is for Ylenia an extension of her heart. She has done Gong Master Trainings with Aidan Mclntyre and continues to study, explore and grow her practice, finding new instruments that can add uniqueness to her beautiful work. She is a gifted Reiki healer, massage therapist and mother.
She loves to witness people leave the room with a smile and with a lighter heart.

Practical information

OBS: New date and time

Date: 31/10-1/11, 2020
Time: 21:00-08:00
Price: 600 DKK

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